Homeowner FAQs

Can you tell me how much my house is worth?
Many homeowners ask me how much their house is worth before I leave their house. While I probably have a really good idea what your house is worth I can not disclose this information with you. By law in Georgia, I can not disclose this information with anyone other than my client. Most likely, for a refinance or purchase appraisal, my client is the company that engages my services (the mortgage company that orders the appraisal from me).
How do I get a copy of the real estate appraisal?
Your mortgage company is required to give you a copy of the real estate appraisal. Different banks and lenders have different policies but the bottom line is that you can request a copy of the appraisal from your mortgage company and they will supply you with one.
Do foreclosures hurt the value of my house?
There is no easy answer to this appraisal. The answer is a definite maybe. In 2012 in Houston County Georgia, about 20% of homes were sold as foreclosures or bank owned properties. Even if there are no foreclosures included in the appraisal of your house, overall they might hurt the value of the homes in your market area. Why? Because foreclosure typically sell below market value and they are on the market competing with other homes that are for sale. I appraise a lot of bank owned properties. While some need extensive repairs, others are in good condition that are ready to be moved into.
Georgia real estate appraisers are required to report foreclosure activity for the market area. The percent of homes that sold as foreclosures in the past 12 months is included in your appraisal.
When will you turn the appraisal in to my mortgage company?
A typical refinance or purchase appraisal takes 2 to 3 days to complete. A complex appraisal could take 2 weeks to complete. However, I might turn the appraisal in two business days after I inspect your house but it could take several days or even weeks for your mortgage company to review the appraisal. Unfortunately I do not know how long it will be until your loan officer receives a copy of the appraisal. I can assure with 100% confidence that I turn in the appraisal as soon as I can, typically 2 to 3 days after I inspect your house.
Why do you have to take interior photos?
In 2010 Fannie Mae started to require appraisers take interior photos of the kitchen, main living area, and all bathrooms (you can see their announcement here). Since Fannie Mae requires interior photos, that means most banks and lenders now require interior photos. As of right now, all of my clients require that I take interior photos.
A new roof (or some other improvement) is being installed the day after you are appraising my house. Does that help the value of my home?
Occasionally a homeowner will tell me they are having some kind of improvement done to their house (new roof or wood flooring installed) in a few days and wonder if it will increase the value of their homes.
It is important to know that most appraisals I complete are for an "as is" value. That means I appraise the house as the house is they day I inspect it and it will NOT include any future improvements or renovations even if the improvements have already been scheduled and paid for but not complete.

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